Want to meetup? Here's where I'll be in 2014.

Be cool and join the party!
[And let me know if you'll be visiting so we can take a picture and post it to Facebook.]
  • January 10-12: Re Effect, Salvation Army Conference, Atlanta, Georgia
  • January 19: Mariners, Sunday night chapel, Irvine, California
  • February 7-8: IF Gathering, women’s gathering, Austin, Texas
  • February 10-11: Leadership Roundtable with The A21 Campaign, Palm Beach, Florida
  • February 22: Girls of Grace, young girls conference, Nashville, Tennessee
  • March 6-March 17: Sydney, Australia with The A21 Campaign
  • March 28-28: SHE Ministries, women’s retreat, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • April 2-4: Catalyst West, leadership conference, Irvine, California
  • April 13: Mariners Church, Irvine, California, 7pm
  • April 16: Regenerate Church, Costa Mesa, California
  • April 25-26: Girls of Grace, young girls conference, Dallas, Texas
  • May 1-10: Mariners Israel Tour, Israel
  • May 16-17: Hope Bible Fellowship, women’s conference, Dallas, Texas
  • May 31: In The Name of Love, Breathe Conference, Montebello, California
  • June 12-14: LifePoint Church, women’s retreat, Baltimore, Maryland
  • June 17: CharlotteONE, Charlotte, South Carolina
  • August 2-3, Life Point Church, Fredricksburg, Virginia
  • August 17: Mid-Cities Community Church, Girls Night out, Odessa, Texas
  • September 24-25: Pursuit 31, women’s retreat, Atlanta, Georgia
  • October 1-3: Catalyst Conference, Atlanta, Georgia
  • October 7-8: Hessel Church, Sebastopol, California
  • November 7-8: IF Gathering, women’s gathering, Orange County, California
  • November 21-23: New Life Church, church services, Toronto, Canada
If you plan on being around for any of these events, let me know! We need to snap a picture together. ;) If you know of a good place for me to come and visit to share and preach about Jesus or discuss The A21 Campaign, hit me up and we can get a date on the calendar!

Ministry together is better than doing ministry apart. We are stronger together than separate.